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To the eye of an artist, every cloud is a scenery and every smile a portrait. How better to admire the beauty of the world around us, than by capturing it forever through the art of photography? Learn photography with Life & Art Academy and treasure the beautiful moments of your life in an everlasting time capsule. So read on to know more about our courses and enrol today to take your first step in becoming a top notch photographer.

Our only eligibility criteria for all photography courses is that students must possess a DSLR camera. For the Professional Certificate Course and the Advanced Course, students must bring their own laptops.

At Life & Art Academy, we offer a Professional Certificate Course in Photography, for those who wish to pursue photography as a full time career. The programme would offer complete training in the subject of photography and would equip students with the knowledge to begin their careers as successful photographers. Apart from this, we offer a series of Certificate Courses, which begin with the Basic Level, progress to the Advanced Level and finally culminate with Specialization Courses.

Course Information
  • 6 months Full time Professional Certificate Course
    • Tues to Sat: 10.30am – 1pm
  • Basic certificate course
  • Advanced certificate course
  • Specializations – Food, Jewellery, Fashion, Creative, Product, Nature. Wildlife
Dates And Timings
Saturday: 10.30am – 12.30pm or
3pm - 5pm
Sunday: 10.30am - 12.30pm or
12.30pm - 2.30pm
How to apply

An easy 3 step process to begin your artistic journey.

Step 1: Click here to download the enrollment form of your chosen program.

Step 2: Fill it up with your details

Step 3: Bring it to our academy along with 2 passport photos and a copy of any valid ID proof.

Our only condition - We want to meet you; hence the student must be present while submitting the form.

Professional Certificate Course in Photography

At Life & Art Academy, we offer a Professional Certificate Course in Photography for students who wish to take up photography as a full time career. The Professional Certificate Course is an intense six months programme, which will provide end-to-end tutoring on photography, including the basics, advanced training and specialization in any one subject area.

In the Professional Certificate Course, students are given rigorous training in indoor and outdoor photography and coached specifically in the specialization that they choose. In this programme, students would have many hours of training, practice and guidance to nurture them into professional photographers. Students of the Professional Certificate Course will also be given on-the-job training, where they would be given opportunities to accompany our senior photographers on projects as assistants. In short, with the Life & Art Academy Professional Certificate Course, students are well equipped and ready to take on independent assignments, establish their own studio and kick start their careers as successful photographers.

Students will have to take up an examination in the end where they will have to successfully click, correct and present photographs of a particular genre. This will be in addition to a portfolio that they would be developing.

Programme fee: Rs. 1,20,000/-
Duration: 6 months

Click here for details on final examination and grading


Certificate Courses

At Life & Art Academy, we offer our students 3 Certificate Courses in Photography – Basic, Advanced and Specialization. Our courses offer a thorough and complete end-to-end understanding of photography, beginning from teaching you how to handle a camera and culminating with transforming you into a professional photographer.

Basic Photography Course

Our Basic course in Photography is designed for the absolute beginner and will introduce the student to the subject of photography. The course will teach the students how to handle the camera, understanding the different parts of the camera and their functionality. Students will be taught the basics of composition, introduction to lighting, controlling exposure through shutter speed and aperture, understanding the different kinds of lenses, shooting techniques and other topics.

Being a practical course, students will be handling their cameras from day one and learn the science behind photography. They will learn the concepts of lighting, both indoor and outdoor, and how to tap it to their advantage. By the end of the course, students will be able to observe and capture the ordinary things around them, such as people, nature, monuments etc., with a new photographic eye.

So if you have always wanted to click amazing pictures but did not know how to, or looked at great pictures clicked by others and wondered how they did it, this is the course for you! Come learn the art of photography from Life & Art Academy and become your family’s favourite photographer.

Students will have to work towards completing a final project to be submitted at the end of the course, based on which they will be graded. Certification will be provided for this course.

Course fee: Rs. 15,000/-
Course duration: 8 weeks; 20 weekend sessions

Advanced Photography Course

Our Advanced Course in photography picks up where the Basic Course ends and takes students deeper into the realms of this art. In this course, students now become professional photographers, graduating from the good photographers that they were at the Basic Course.

In Advanced photography, students are introduced to studio lighting and how to click great pictures indoors. They are taught how to play with light and study its subsequent effect on the subject and its effects seen through the eyes of the camera. They are taught how to use flash, soft box, reflectors and other techniques in controlling indoor lighting effects. Students are introduced to portrait photography, table top photography, street photography and candid shots. They will learn the different lighting techniques for people and products.

By the end of this course, students will know how to bring out the beauty in people, products and anything that is assigned to them. They are also taught the basics of digital image editing of photos on their laptops.

Students will have to submit a professional project at the end of the course, showcasing the techniques that they have learnt.They will be graded on this portfolio and certificates will be provided.

Course fee: Rs. 30,000/-
Course duration: 12 weeks; 24 weekend sessions

Specialization Course in Photography

Once the students have a clear understanding of the art of photography, they can now opt to specialize in any particular genre and take that up as their line of profession. The specializations that we offer are:

Food photography

Food photography is one of the most popular genres sought out in the industry today. Be it for restaurants, take-aways or processed food - there is a huge scope in this segment and there is a need for talented photographers. At Life&Art Academy, we will teach you how best to capture food and drinks in an attractive and appealing way. They will be taught to understand the client’s requirement and know how to match the art director’s brief with their photographs. There are many techniques and tricks involved while shooting different food items. Students will be taught how to enhance colours, basics of food styling, positioning of props, handling steam, digital editing and basically how to make anything look delicious. By the end of this course, students would confidently be able to take up restaurant assignments, food packing projects and click the best food shots.

Course fee: Rs. 35,000/-
Course duration: 8 weeks; 16 weekend sessions
Jewellery photography

Jewellery photography is a niche field and can be quite challenging because of the complexity of the subject. Jewellery tends to have a reflective surface, mostly with multiple coloured stones and different cuts. In this specialization, we train students how to control lighting to the photographer’s favour while shooting jewellery. Students will gain an in-depth understanding on topics ranging from positioning the jewellery, diffused lighting, white balance, using natural lighting to their best advantage to bring out the true colours, controlling reflections, and shadows. The course prepares an upcoming Jewellery photographer to know how to handle any type of jewellery with ease and bring out their beauty through every picture.

Course fee: Rs. 35,000/-
Course duration: 8 weeks; 16 weekend sessions
Fashion photography

Life & Art Academy’s fashion photography course is designed for students who wish to capture the world of glamour through their lens. The course will now present a deeper understanding of people photography to the students. They will be introduced to the different aspects of a fashion shoot – make-up, styling, model selection and direction, outfit selection and fitting, in-studio or outdoor location recce, lighting techniques and digital editing. They would be trained to know the most flattering angles to capture their model,how to highlight their best features, how to control lighting to make the subject look attractive, capturing different emotions, knowing how to showcase colours, textures, fabrics etc. They will also be introduced to the basics of makeup and how it can be used to the photographer’s advantage. By the end of the course, students would possess the knowledge and skills required to capture the essence of fashion brands and models. They would be ready to kick-start their career in the fashion industry.

Course fee: Rs. 45,000/-
Course duration: 8 weeks; 16 weekend sessions
Product photography

With the boom in e-commerce and online shopping, there has never been a stronger need for good product photographers ever before as it is today. Almost every retail company is looking for talented and skilled photographers who can help them promote their products online and through other mediums. At Life & Art Academy, we train students to become experts at table-top and product photography. They are taught how to handle products of different sizes, shapes, textures, colour etc. The challenge in this area of specialization is that you have to bring out the life and beauty in any type of product. Unlike people photography, products cannot emote, and it is the photographer’s job to make even a dull product seem attractive.

Students are taught the different techniques involved in both indoor studio shoots and outdoor locations, controlling lighting, clicking white background images, conveying softness and other textures through their pictures, how to aesthetically position their products and direct all efforts towards getting the best pictures. On completion of the course, our students are trained product photographers, all set to make their mark in the industry.

Course fee: Rs. 35,000/-
Course duration: 8 weeks; 16 weekend sessions
Creative photography

Creative photography is the ability to think beyond the mundane and look at things for what they could be, rather than what they are. This multidimensional course teaches students how to capture their subjects – be it products, people, scenery, landscapes, candid etc., in their own unique and different way. They are encouraged to play with their instincts as they learn and together we discover newer ways to present the old. The course is beneficial especially for those students who have a natural flair to think and visualize things with a creative angle. Through the course, students will be presented with different techniques and subjects to hone and develop their creative eye. It is a great opportunity for the creativity of every individual to shine through, as great photos are the result of creative minds and skilled hands.

Course fee: Rs. 35,000/-
Course duration: 8 weeks; 16 weekend sessions
Nature photography

In this specialization, students are taught to appreciate and capture the natural beauty around us. They are introduced to the different types of subjects that they would encounter – mountainous landscapes, hillsides, greenery, flowers, animals and insects. Students would be taken on a field trip to an outstation location where nature’s abundance can be truly observed and captured through the lens. They would be taught the technique to capture water bodies and rain. While all aspects of nature cannot be covered, students will be given intense training which will equip them with the skills to know how to handle most challenging situations on nature shoots. They will become experts at enhancing the natural beauty of their surrounding and subjects by clicking wonderful photographs.

Course fee: Rs. 35,000/- + cost of field trip
Course duration: 8 weeks; 16 weekend sessions + field trip
Wildlife photography

Wildlife photography is one of the most exciting yet challenging fields of photography. This course involves both theory and practical components, where students are taught how to prepare themselves for the field, approaching a subject, using natural lighting to their advantage, using artificial lighting and much more. The practical component of the course will include a field trip to a wildlife sanctuary where students will be mentored on how to click the best shots in the wilderness. The course trains the students to look at the world around them differently – right from finding subjects for wildlife photography in their backyard, parks and in the city too. The course is designed to provide students the knowledge and training to transform into successful wildlife photographers.

Course fee: Rs. 35,000/- + cost of field trip
Course duration: 8 weeks; 16 weekend sessions + field trip

Grading and Fee Structure

Professional Certificate Course

Students pursuing the Professional Certificate Course in Photography would have to take up a final examination, where they would have to successfully click, correct and present photographs of a particular genre. The student will have to take up the exam independently, with no guidance from our teachers and will be graded by our Director. Apart from the exam, the student will have also have to submit a final portfolio, which will contribute to the overall grade. Based on satisfactory performance, students will be awarded their Professional Certificate in Photography.

Certificate Courses

Students of all Courses would have to submit a portfolio at the end of their respective course. They would be graded on their work and upon satisfactory completion, certificates will be awarded.

Grading Structure:

Grade A – Excellent understanding and application of course content

Grade B – Good understanding and application of course content

Grade C – Good understanding of course content and displays scope for improvement in application

Fee Structure:

The fee structure for all our programmes are given below:

Professional Certificate Course Rs. 1,20,000/-
Basic Photography Course Rs. 15,000/-
Advanced Photography Course Rs. 30,000/-
Food photography Rs. 35,000/-
Jewellery photography Rs. 35,000/-
Fashion photography Rs. 45,000/-
Product photography Rs. 35,000/-
Creative photography Rs. 35,000/-
Nature photography Rs. 35,000/- + cost of field trip
Wildlife photography Rs. 35,000/- + cost of field trip

Please note: All students will be charged Rs.500/- as a one-time registration fee for all course at Life & Art Academy.

Career Scope

The world of photography offers tremendous scope forprofessional photographers. Whichever genre of photography you specialize in, there is a great need for professional photographers in the industry today. In the world of media, advertising agencies, print & film media, journalism, the fashion industry and many others are constantly looking for talented and skilled photographers to promote their content. In fashion, where glamour is king, good photographers are always sought after by models, coordinators and fashion brands. Apart from this, there is an ocean of opportunities in event photography, which involves weddings, candid shots, people photography etc. With the digital world and social media popularity, people want to build their personal album of family photos, couple shots, children and pets photography etc. Travel Agencies, tourist magazines, hotels and resorts require good photographers to capture locations and scenic natural beauty to use in their websites and other collaterals.

The career scope offered by photography is plenty, provided the photography is skilled and well trained. Whether, you wish to be a freelance photographer dabbling from one project to another, or you wish to be hired by an established firm as their in-house photographer, or you wish to set up your own studio and offer services to the industry – whatever be your choice, with the right knowledge and training, you can have a bright future as a photographer. Monetarily too, this field offers good scope for talented and dynamic photographers.

Enrol with Life & Art Academy today, to become a leading and well established professional photographer in the near future!