"I’m Shravani. I joined Life & Art Academy for the one-year Professional Pottery & Ceramics Course. I started as a complete novice and have now successfully completed my course. My journey with Life & Art Academy has been simply amazing. I feel lucky to have discovered this place!

From my experience with clay, I can define pottery as; getting muddy, making mistakes and enjoying the alchemy of creating gold from dirt! The academy has given me maximum flexibility and opportunity to pursue pottery. The faculty are highly skilled and taught me with great care and patience. I was given the freedom to pursue what I want, at my own pace, with no pressure. Also they are well equipped with the right tools and machinery for the course.

I can say with full confidence that Life & Art Academy is the best place to learn pottery and ceramics at all levels. If you ever wanted to be creative and learn a new art form - this is the place to go to!

Shravani Kota,
Pottery Instructor in Higher Fire, San Jose, USA.

"Learning Wheel Pottery had been on my bucket list for over 13 years. One summer I googled, as I intermittently did, for Pottery classes in Chennai and the Life & Art website popped up. The address on the website was so close to where I lived. I called almost immediately but it still took me a month to actually drag myself there (by which time they had shifted to another place still not too far away) and get started.

Dewakar who manages and runs the place was just setting up the new place with Murali when I joined. The place had an easy informal feel to it and I loved it. I knew that I would drop out the minute it got too restrictive or authoritarian. Soon Swati joined Dewakar and Murali to help with the pottery classes since Dewakar had his hands full with other classes as well. The initial few months I struggled with everything but slowly over time, I realized that it was not impossible.

When I began pottery class, I thought: You've got to Worship Clay. It's the only way it will let itself be moulded. The slightest hint at control and it resists and collapses. It took me several classes to understand that it is not about worship or reverence. It's simply about respecting the material you're working with. Clay will not make itself into a pot through worship. You have to work it with respect into a pot - or a cylinder, or a bowl.

Life & Art Academy has allowed me to learn at my own pace. I learnt hand building techniques such as pinching, coiling and slab techniques along with wheel pottery. Life & Art also allows the use of the pottery studio for practice sessions between levels to help improve learning, which for me is a blessing. I’ve now finished 4 levels. I am now doing practice sessions for a few months before I begin the level 5."

Gita Jayaraj,
Independent Writer and Freelance Editor.

"What began as a passion has now become a preferred career! Ever since I joined Life & Art Academy, my thoughts towards my life and career has changed. “Choose a job you love and you and you will never have to work a single day in your life"; this is not just a saying, if you get to experience it!

I am Preetha.G and I chose to fulfill my passion after 5 years of Architecture, and that’s when I found Life and Art academy. Pottery and Sculpting are related to interior design and so I was quite eager to explore my hand in it. Today, social media has tremendous power to spread information about our skills and passion. I began posting my works via Instagram and Facebook, and people started appreciating my work and following me on regular basis. I was recognized as an artist as well as an architect. Such a feel good feeling! I was invited for workshops and motivational speeches by colleges and firms. Having never worked before, I was over whelmed with the honour of being recognized as an artist. And now I am all set to start my own studio to exhibit and showcase my work.

Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is the matter of choice. I made a choice to learn what I have always wanted to and now it has changed my life. Give it a try and fulfill your destiny! Thank you, Life and Art Academy for the wonderful experience of art. The 10 months I spent with the academy seem like a minute now, but is truly a lifetime experience!"

Preetha, Chennai.
Started her own art studio named “ ART ‘O’ Arch

"I am Varsha Chella, working as an Architect.

I am an artistically inclined person and I have been sketching and painting since the age of ten.

My appreciation for pottery and ceramics began when I chanced upon the work of Eva Zeisel, a Mid Century industrial designer. Her work showed me the expressive potential of the medium and kindled in me an interest to learn the art form.

And so began my time at Life and Art.

Dewakar, the founder of the institute ensured that I developed strong fundamentals and perfect clarity on basic but critical concepts like wedging, centering and finally throwing.

This clear direction worked well for me and once I had understood the nature and the more subtle nuances of the material, I began to look at it from an artistic perspective.

I began to pay more attention to the proportions, form, texture and smaller details of the objects I made, and also appreciate the effect of specific glazes on specific forms.

As I demonstrated a certain degree of technical and artistic skill, Dewakar challenged me to throw with larger and larger quantities of clay. This took place in an intensive one month course wherein I practiced for 6 hours a day, 6 days a week, at the end of which time I had gone from throwing with one kilo to throwing with 3.5 kilos.

The challenging and inspiring atmosphere at Life and Art Academy is what made this improvement possible.

As I look back, I realise that my skills in pottery has given me yet another dimension of creativity and artistic expression. It has also helped me apply principles of design on a smaller scale which will no doubt help me in my endeavour to design larger buildings."

Varsha Chella, Chennai.

"My love for clay started when I was in kindergarten and it got some solid guidance and hand-holding post my Masters. Life and Art Academy is a great place to try an art, not because you have an end, but simply because you love it. It is an experience in itself. I wanted to learn pottery for the love for clay. And guess what, there aren’t many who offer you the time and space to do the same. However, the structure at Life & Art Academy is such that it simply helps you move forward at your own pace, and does not restrict you. After my level 1, I had to shift to Bangalore and was looking for options to continue there. That just seemed like a sensible and a practical call. But not a single program could go to the depth that Life and Art had to offer. I came back to Chennai for a couple of months exclusively to finish my course at Life and Art. I have attached an image of my work, which I call my little bundle of joy. An experience that I cherished and enjoyed to the very last bit."

Dharshini Jenefer, Chennai.
Workshop Participant (2015)

"Great experience for all of us and a very good activity for all the family"

Jim Roberts, London.
Workshop Participant (2015)

"Came to learn the techniques of Tanjore Art. Very professional and detailed way of training the students. Had a wonderful experience with Life and Art Academy, all thanks to Mr.Dewakar and his team for their support and friendly behavior, making us feel very homely."

Jayanthi Venugopal, Doha – Qatar.
Student - Tanjore Painting (2015)

"Had a wonderful experience, back to being a kid and probably the biggest realization is hands are a prop for art"

Shalini, Anu & Subha, Chennai.
Workshop Participant (2016)

"A beautiful experience – It feels good to make sculptures that I have admired only in museums"

Sukhanya A, Chennai.
Student – Sculpting (2016)

"Wonderful family event and learning opportunity. Test for patience and endurance – true meaning of praying to God"

Anusha Vijay, Chennai.
Participant – Make your Ganesha Workshop (2015)

"I liked making the Ganesha, it was fun, interesting and also easy to make"

Mridula Venkatesh, Chennai.
Participant – Make your Ganesha Workshop (2015)

"Great work! Enjoyed the students’ work, some show a lot of potential"

Vimal, Chennai.
Visitor – Student’s Art Exhibition (2015)