Founder and Dean

A multi-skilled artist and professional photographer, Dewakar has over 15 years experience in learning, teaching and experimenting with the different forms of art. To view Dewakar's complete profile, click here.

At Life & Art Academy, Dewakar is involved in all the art forms taught and handles the professional and advanced courses and specialized subjects. His core specializations are photography, surrealistic paintings, sculpting and ceramic glazing. Driven by his vision to set up a holistic art academy that caters to various forms of art, Dewakar enjoys educating students to find their true spark and to bring out the artist in each of them.

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Swathi Balekundri

Faculty, Pottery and Sculpting

Swathi is an instructor of pottery and sculpting. She has completed her Master Potter’s training from the Central Village Pottery Institute, Khanapur in 2013. She has around 3 years experience in teaching pottery and has been associated with Life & Art Academy since 2015.

A passionate potter and sculptor, she is a patient teacher who takes pleasure in training and moulding the students to bring out the best in them.

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Sandhia Dorairaj

Faculty, Photography

Sandhia is a photographer by profession and has international exposure and experience since 2008. Interest and works include studio photography, Fashion, Baby, Street, Journalism, Events, Food and Travel. She has completed her Masters in Photography from the De Montfort University, Leicestershire, United Kingdom. In her previous roles, she has worked as a freelance photographer for The Hindu, photographer at Ballatex Ltd, Leicester, United Kingdom and photographer at Pixel gallery, Miami, FL, United States.

Sandhia has been associated with Life & Art Academy since 2016. She has immense passion for photography and enjoys teaching and imparting the knowledge of the subject to her students.

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Murali M

Manager, Photography Studio

Murali is the studio manager and administrative in-charge of the photography studio. He brings with him around 10 years experience in photography, beginning his career as a photography assistant to Dewakar. He has sound working knowledge in the subject and is well versed with the hands-on running of the studio. He has been associated with Life & Art Academy since its birth and is instrumental in the smooth functioning of the academy.

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