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For many years, there has been a subject called “Arts & Crafts” in schools, which predominantly involves a textbook with some basic dotted lines’ drawings or a few coloured papers with suggestions on making paper craft. But in essence, very few schools have talented teachers who teach art with a passion to their students, inspiring them to look at art as a vocation and to explore its many forms. At Life & Art Academy, we seek to provide students an inspiration to look at art beyond just joining the dots.

We request schools in Chennai to give us an opportunity to associate with them and teach Art the right way to the next generation. We are open to discussions on collaborations of any form – either as guidance to the existing art staff in the school, to conduct Teacher Training programs, setting the syllabus, conducting after-school art sessions for your students in art forms like drawing, painting, sculpting, pottery, photography, Tanjore painting etc. Our aim is to inspire young minds to explore the beauty of art and give them an opportunity to nurture the artists in them. Do get in touch with us today if you believe in this dream and would like to collaborate with us.

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