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Experience the beauty of pottery with Life & Art Academy and learn to create wonders with clay!

The Art of Pottery is imbibed right in the history of mankind and has existed since time immemorial. The first forms of civilization of early man are recorded through various articles of pottery, which are still found intact and are regarded as precious fossils today. They tell a story of bygone era. Such is the beauty and historical value of this ancient art form.

Life & Art Academy is proud to be the first to introduce the art of Pottery and Ceramics in Chennai and Coimbatore in the form of a structured Course made available to all. Our Academy provides students with world class equipment, top branded electronic kilns and high quality pottery wheels.

At Life & Art Academy, we offer a variety of Pottery courses for students to choose from.

We offer a series of Courses for students who wish to learn the skill. The courses increase in their technique and intensity as students’ progress. Students have the flexibility to learn at their own pace. Before opting for any of the certificate courses, students have to first complete the Introductory Course; Level 1 - First Time Potter, which introduces students to the basics of the art.

Course Information
  • Level 1 – First Time Potter
  • Level 2 – Amateur Potter
  • Level 3 – Intermediate Potter
  • Level 4 – Advanced Potter
  • Level 5 – Advanced Potter
Dates And Timings
Wed & Thurs: 10.30am - 12.30pm,
4pm - 6pm
Saturday: 10.30am - 12.30pm,
4pm - 6pm
Sunday: 10.30am - 12.30pm
How to apply

An easy 3 step process to begin your artistic journey.

Step 1: Click here to download the enrollment form of your chosen program.

Step 2: Fill it up with your details

Step 3: Bring it to our academy along with 2 passport photos and a copy of any valid ID proof.

Our only condition - We want to meet you; hence the student must be present while submitting the form.

Pottery & Ceramics Classes & Courses in Coimbatore

At Life & Art, we offer a range of short-term Certificate Courses for everyone who is interested to learn the art of pottery. The courses progress in a series of levels, increasing in complexity and technique. Apart from the Introductory Programme (Level 1 – First Time Potter), all other courses offer certificates on successful completion.

  • Level 1 - First Time potter
  • Level 2 - Amateur potter
  • Level 3 -Intermediate Potter
  • Level 4 - Advanced potter
  • Level 5 – Ceramic Sculpting

It is mandatory for all students to complete each level before advancing to the next level. If a student has prior experience with pottery and wishes to directly begin at a higher level, this can be discussed with our Director.

Level 1 -
First Time Potter (Introductory Programme):

This is your chance to experience the art of pottery at the very basic level. Our course is specially designed to cater to students of all ages who have never tried their hand at pottery before. We begin the classes at the most basic level, providing an introduction into the realm of pottery, understanding and preparing the clay, wedging and kneading techniques, centering the clay on the wheel, creation of basic shapes, hand building and surface decorations techniques.

This is a first level course that is mandatory for anyone who is interested in learning pottery. However, certification will not be provided for this course.

Course fee: Rs. 7000/-
Course duration: 4 weeks; 8 classes of 2 hours each (twice a week)

Level 2 -
Amateur Potter:

Students who have completed our first level course (or a similar course elsewhere) are eligible to take up this course. In this course, students will be moving to the next level of shapes, moving from the basic cylinders created in the previous course, to creating various pot shapes, bowls, pitchers, bottles etc. They will be introduced how to use pottery tools to create more intricate shapes and designs. They will also learn the art of trimming and final finishing of the products.

Students will have to work towards completing a final project at the end of the course, based on which they will be graded. Certification will be provided for this course.

Course fee: Rs. 9,000/-
Course duration: 4 weeks; 8 classes of 2 hours each (twice a week)

Level 3 –
Intermediate Potter:

In this course students will be introduced to a higher level of pottery and will learnto create intricate designs and shapes. This is the stage where students transform into fine potters, who create consistent shapes, creative designs, various sizes and shapes and master the art of perfect wheel throwing.Students will also learn how to handle large volumes of clay and throwing off the hump.

As an Intermediate Potter, this is an enjoyable stage where you evolve into an artist, giving life to your own creativity on the wheel. The final project in this course will be creating a unique object that displays all the techniques learnt so far. Students will be graded on their understanding and finesse of the final project and will be provided with certification.

Course fee: Rs.11,000/-
Course duration: 4 weeks; 8 classes of 2 hours each (twice a week)

Level 4 -
Advanced Potter

Once the students have understood and mastered the techniques of pottery, this is where they beautify and give life to their creations. In this level, students are introduced to ceramic glazing, which opens a whole new world of possibilities and creativity to them. One of the key elements that will be taught is the firing process, setting the temperatures and modes for the perfect finished artwork. Mastery of this art requires continuous practice and concentration.

As an Advanced Potter, students will have to complete a final project which encompasses all the techniques learnt so far in both wheel pottery and glazing. Students will be graded on their understanding and finesse of the final project and will be provided with certification.

Course fee: Rs. 13,000/-
Course duration: 4 weeks; 8 classes of 2 hours each (twice a week)

Level 5 –
Ceramic Sculpting

Ceramic Sculpting is a unique and special course which has been designed for the students who want to stand apart from the crowd and make their mark in the world of ceramic creation.

By this stage, students would have become experts at the art of Pottery. Ceramic Sculpting, can be called the true test of an artist. Ceramic Sculpting is the culmination of two art forms – Pottery and Sculpting. Students will learn how to bring together these two great forms and bring life to their creations.

In short, Ceramic Sculpting is the pinnacle in the art of pottery making, where students complete the learning cycle and emerge as fine artists, not unlike how the simple clay transforms into a beautiful piece of art. Here, students would bring together all that they have learnt thus far, coupled with their own artistic touch and create sculptures that define them as creators. They create their own unique style and individuality as ceramic artists.

This is a very challenging stage which involves a lot of understanding, dedication, time, effort and practice from the students.

Course fee: Rs. 15,000/-
Course duration: 4 weeks; 8 classes of 2 hours each (twice a week)
Fee Structure:

The fee structure for all our programmes are given below:

Level 1 - First Time potter Rs. 7,000/-
Level 2 - Amateur potter Rs. 9,000/-
Level 3 - Intermediate potter Rs. 11,000/-
Level 4 - Advanced potter Rs. 13,000/-
Level 5 – Ceramic Sculpting Rs. 15,000/-

Please note: All students will be charged Rs.500/- as a one-time registration fee for all course at Life & Art Academy.

Life & Art Academy

Our relationship with the students is not limited to just the duration of the course. After completing the course, students are welcome to become members of the Life & Art Academy as Practicing Potters and continue to use our studio to keep in touch with the art. Basic membership charges begin from Rs.5000/- onwards. Depending on usage requirements, charges may vary which will be discussed in person.

Career Scope

Life & Art Academy’s Programme in Pottery and Ceramics is designed to to provide students the practical knowledge and confidence to successfully establish and run their own creative studio catering to various industries such as modern constructions, interior decorators, architectural firms, innovative gifting solutions, home décor, crockery and cutlery firms and much more. As the field is still in its infancy, it is an undiscovered territory offering ripe opportunities for qualified and skilled potters to make their mark in the industry.

Enrol with Life & Art Academy’s Pottery courses today, to kickstart your career in the field of pottery!

Teacher Training

Teacher Training Module available for this programme. Click here for more content.

This is an advanced training program for students who intend to become teachers of pottery. Students would have to complete all the 5 levels of pottery and then opt for this advanced training. More details is available on request.

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